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Registration and Certification of Medical Products (medical equipment) in the Russian Federation and Republic of Kazakhstan Industrial Expertise and Obtaining of the Permission of Rostekhnadzor (RTN) of the Russian Federation for application of technical devises (equipment) GOST-R. Certification Contacts About company


Conformity assessment

Certification of production in System of GOST-R

Obligatory Certificate of Conformity for 3 years

Obligatory Certificate of Conformity for 1 year

Obligatory Certificate of Conformity delivery (contract)

Voluntary Certificate

Exemtion Letter

Declaration On Conformity

Certificates Licenses

Pattern_Approval Certificate for measuring instruments

Sanitary-and-epidemiologic conclusion (the Hygienic Certificate)

Obligatory Certificate of Conformity of GOSSTROY (State Construction) of the Russian Federation

Emercom Certificate of fire safety

Certificate of Conformity of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation (the Certificate of the Communication Facility)

Registration Certificate of Iatrotechnics, products of medical purpose, medical products and new medical technologies Rosdravnadzor (Health Control) of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

Certificate on the State Registration of Biologically active additives to food ROSPOTREBNADZOR (Consumers' Control) of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

The Certificate On the State Registration Disinfectant, Desinsection And Deratisation Means of ROSPOTREBNADZOR Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

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